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Little Sprouts is passionate about giving back as we donate a portion of our proceeds to help in the fight against human trafficking, much of which is sex trafficking, here in TN. We have chosen End Slavery TN as our current charity partner. 

End Slavery TN

A portion of our proceeds go directly to promote healing of human trafficking survivors and to strategically confront slavery in our state.



You may think slavery ended after the Civil War. Think again. There are more slaves now than at any time in history! Human trafficking is just a way of saying “the ways people are moved from freedom into slavery.” Through violence. Lies. Manipulation. Threats.

Today’s slaves are forced into labor, service or sex slavery to make money for their exploiters.  You see, the same people who traffick drugs and weapons realize that selling people is more profitable and less risky. People can be sold repeatedly. In the case of a sex slave, that might be 10, 20 or more times a day. In labor slavery, goods and services are continually produced without compensating the laborer.


Slavery is involuntary servitude. The legal definition defines Human Trafficking, or Trafficking in Persons (TIP), below. Basically, for an adult, force, fraud or coercion must be present. ANY minor used in commercial sex is legally a human trafficking victim.

  • An ACT or attempted act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person by means of force, abduction, fraud, coercion, purchase, sale, threats, abuse of power for the purpose of exploitation.