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Drop-Off/Pick-Up Info

Please register for your DROP-OFF APPOINTMENT prior to the drop-off dates. You can do so below.


In order to ensure a smooth drop-off, please do the following things BEFORE you arrive in the building to drop off your items:

  • Double check clothing and non-clothing items for missing buttons, holes, stains, pilling, excessive wear, batteries, cleanliness, functionality, and missing pieces. Make sure all baby gear and toys are wiped down thoroughly. Car seats need to have a clean seat cover and straps. We will also inspect everything upon arrival. We will not accept dirty items.
  • You MUST use wire hangers. We do NOT accept plastic hangers except for clothing under 12 months.
  • Sort clothing by gender and size. Please make sure this is done before you arrive.
  • Sign-up for a drop-off appointment.
  • Make sure all items are properly tagged according to our tagging guidelines and Consignor Instructions Video. Remember we do NOT accept handwritten tags or tags from other online tagging programs.

Drop-Off: Dates coming soon!

When you arrive at drop-off at your designated appointment time:

  1. Bring all clothing inside and hang on a rolling rack.
  2. Bring all non-clothing inside and place in the designated area to be looked through.
  3. Check in at the check-in table and receive presale passes.
  4. Have a seat in the designated area and wait for your items to be looked through and approved. Your number will be called when we have finished.
  5. We will put your items away for you. Remember to take home (or donate) any items we were unable to accept and remove them from your online inventory.
  6. Come back on the presale day and shop for some awesome things!

When you arrive at pick-up:

  1. Locate your unsold clothing and non-clothing items. They will be sorted by consignor number.
  2. Double check the surrounding areas to make sure you have all your items.
  3. Check the table containing items that have lost their tags.
  4. Any items you wish to donate can be placed on the donate rack.
  5. Choose a check-out line and wait to check out and have your items double checked.

Pick-up time: Saturday, August 25, 6-8pm

*NO items may be picked up before the the pick-up times listed above or after the end time. This is to protect you, our valued consignors. Absolutely no exceptions. All items not picked up by the end time listed above will become the property of Little Sprouts and will be donated to one of our partnering charities. If you are unable to pick up your unsold items and do not want them donated, please make arrangements for someone to pick up your items for you.