First Time Moms Presale

First Time Moms shop early at Little Sprouts. In celebration of your new bundle of joy, we have a pre-sale just for you at the time listed below.

REGISTRATION is open NOW! **Click HERE to register.** READ ALL BELOW FIRST!

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NEW THIS SALE: We WILL be verifying that each registered individual truly qualifies based on the rules below.

  • In order to qualify for this presale, you must either be pregnant with your first child, currently in the process of adopting and matched with a child, or your oldest child must be NO older than 15 months.

  • You are welcome to bring your husband, mom, or another family member to help you shop. Only one helper per pass. This person is there to help YOU. Friends shopping for their own children are not permitted.

  • Due to space limitations, children and babies are not allowed at the presale with the exception of infants in a sling or wrap. This is a jam packed presale, and strollers are not allowed due to limitations set forth by the fire inspector.

You will receive an email confirmation once you have registered. You MUST bring it with you in order to enter the presale.

First Time Moms PreSale: thursday, August 8, 7:30pm