How to Shop Early


Want to shop before the public and snag the best of the best items before anyone else? Of course you do.

Consignor Registration is NOW OPEN.
Volunteer Registration will open on Jan. 26, 8am.
Hero Presale Registration will open on Jan. 26, 8am.
New Mom Early Shopping Registration will open on Jan. 26, 8am.


ways to earn early shopping privileges:

  1. Volunteers: Volunteers shop before anyone else. Volunteers work either one or three 4-hour shifts. Shopping time is based on the number of shifts worked.

  2. Consignors: Consignors shop after the volunteers. (See below). Consignors are also given a Guest Pass for a later time.

  3. Heroes: Shop After Guests of Consignors (Teachers & First Responders & Military)

  4. First Time Moms: New Moms shop after the consignors.

PreSale Times: 

3 Shift Volunteers – Wednesday, Feb. 27, 7pm
1 Shift Volunteers – Thursday, Feb. 28, 9:30am
Consignors – Thursday, Feb. 28, 11am  (MUST have presale pass in hand).
Guests of Consignors – Thursday, Feb. 28, 4:00pm (MUST have presale pass in hand. Ask a friend who is a consignor).
Heroes - Thursday, Feb. 28, 4:30pm (MUST have presale in hand from pre-registration and teacher or first responder ID).
First Time Moms Presale – Thursday, Feb. 28, 7:30pm (MUST have presale pass in hand from pre-registration).

**No Children under 10 are allowed at any presales with the exception of young infants in a body carrier. Infants in strollers are NOT allowed during presales due to safety regulations. Teenagers who would like to shop with mom during a volunteer shift need to work their own volunteer shifts to shop early.