The Charity We Support

Little Sprouts is passionate about giving back as we donate a portion of our proceeds to Williamson County CASA. CASA advocates for abused and neglected children in the juvenile court system. Their vision is for every child to be in a safe and permanent home. They are truly an incredible organization!


Their Mission
Advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children.

Their Vision
Every child in a safe and permanent home.

Thousands of children are abused or neglected every day in the United States. They are the victims of people who are unable or refuse to accept the responsibilities of raising a child. And through no fault of their own, these children are cast into a complex, chaotic, and uncertain environment of courtrooms and foster care. They are alone, and often times they are scared.

Williamson County CASA helps children in this situation every day. Speaking on their behalf in courtrooms, identifying safe homes for them to live in and listening to their stories. And while they consider this they mission as a non-profit organization, they are dependent upon people like you and me for monetary and volunteer support. Helping the helpless is a responsibility we all share.

How Does The Program Work? 
A child is introduced into the court system as a result of abuse or neglect in the home. A Williamson County Judge assigns a CASA advocate to that child and the advocate then becomes responsible for the welfare of that child as he or she moves through the system. That means managing and documenting all aspects of the case, making recommendations to the court on permanent living arrangements, communicating consistently with the child to ensure his or her best interests are being met for the short and long-term, and remaining actively engaged until the court discharges the case.

CASA volunteers are not therapists or official legal counsel. They are, in essence, a friend and responsible advocate with the goal of securing a solid home for a child so that he or she has a fighting chance to become a fulfilled, happy adult.