VIP Consignor Service

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Want to recoup the investment you’ve made into the boutique clothing /shoes & fabulous big toys like bikes, kitchen sets, etc your children have outgrown, but don’t have time to consign? We have the perfect solution.

Become a VIP Consignor and all the work will be done for you.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Register as a Consignor HERE. You will not need to sign up for a drop-off time since your tagger will be doing that for you. Space is limited to 15 spots. VIP registration will close on July 24, and all VIP items must be received BEFORE July 26.

  2. Send Erin Chesbro an email at IMMEDIATELY AFTER REGISTERING letting her know you have registered and are wanting to be a VIP. She will then contact you to make arrangements to pick up your items. She will pick up if you are within 10 minutes of Franklin. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to meet her in or close to Franklin.

  3. Toss your freshly laundered upscale clothing items, shoes, and nice, clean, working toys you want to sell, in a bag and await contact from the tagger. Any items that you send that we cannot accept will be donated. They will NOT be returned to you. Click here to see a list of brands we accept, and click here to see what specific sizes we accept.

PLEASE NOTE: VIP CONSIGNORS MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 25 CLOTHING ITEMS. Shoes are welcome as well and a maximum of 10 big toy items.


$15 Supply Fee: Paid IN CASH at the time your items are picked up by the tagger. This covers cardstock paper, safety pins, hangers, and any other supplies that are needed. If you are more than 10 miles away from Franklin, you will need to meet the tagger at a closer location.

30% of Earnings: The standard percentage split for Little Sprouts is 70/30. The consignor earns 70% and Little Sprouts keeps 30%. However, as a VIP, you will split your earnings (your 70%) with the tagger. The tagger will get 30% of your earnings, and you will get 70% of your earnings. So if you sold $500 worth of clothing and shoes, your earnings would be $350 (70%) and Little Sprouts would retain $150 (30%). Your $350 would then be split with the tagger and you would receive $245 (70% of $350) as your final amount, and the tagger would receive $105 (30% of $350). If you don't want to worry about this crazy math, just know you walk away with about 50% of your selling price when it's all said and done. 

PLEASE NOTE: Little Sprouts is not involved in any way with VIPs other than referring them to a tagger and is not responsible for any issues that may arise. You are entering into a relationship with the tagger herself. We are simply offering to connect busy moms who don't have the time or desire to prepare their items with other moms who do. Little Sprouts is not compensating the taggers in any way. Although we will cut them a check, the money they are paid comes from your earnings.


What happens if my VIP tagger find a stain, spot, missing button or other imperfection on any of my items?
Items from VIP Consignors will be screened by the same standards as our regular consignors. We cannot accept items with spots, stains, missing buttons, etc. Items need to be in great condition and not outdated. If we find a problem with any of your items, we will donate those items to one of our charity partners. We will be unable to return these items to you.

Do I still have to pay the consignor fee?
Yes. The $15 fee for each sale covers things like facility rental, insurance, marketing, web fees, software usage, advertising, printing materials, and MUCH more.

Who determines how my items are priced?
You have two options here. It is recommended that you submit a price list with your items detailing how each should be priced. If you choose not to do that, pricing will be up to the tagger. Regardless of if you choose the prices or if your tagger does, once those prices are entered into the computer, we will be unable to change them.

What happens to my unsold items?
You can choose to pick up your unsold items at the regular designated pick-up times after the sale if you wish or they can be donated. Any items not picked up during the designated time will be donated to one of our charity partners.

How will I get paid?
We pay all consignors via PayPal

Can I see my items online and view when they sell?
Yes. You can log into your consignor homepage at any time.  We typically update the sales at the end of each sale day. They are not updated in real time. Please note that your "estimated earnings" will not be accurate. The default % is set at 70%, but since that percentage will also be split at 70/30, your personal total will be different that what is shown.

Will I still get a pass to the Consignor's Presale and the Guest's Presale?
Yes. Your tagger will give you your passes when you drop your items off. Feel free to give away your passes if you do not plan on shopping.