Volunteer Registration

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It's not just about shopping early, it's about a bunch of moms getting together, building relationships, and having a great time while they work toward a common goal. Join us!

NEW THIS SALE! Some of our shifts now overlap. We have done this to ease the transition between shifts. You can select back to back shifts so long as they overlap by no more than 15 minutes. You cannot select overlapping shifts that overlap by more than 30 minutes. If you are working back to back shifts, please bring a snack or meal with you, as time does not generally allow for leaving the building. We have had some problems previously where volunteers leave to get food and end up not working a significant portion of their shifts. Please respect your time commitment. If you will need to leave the building, please do not sign up for back to back shifts.

Benefits of Becoming a Little Sprouts Volunteer

  • Shop Early! (See Below)

  • Work 3 shifts ON SITE and receive 80% OF the amount of your sold items as a consignor.

Registration is open now!

IMPORTANT: If you are consigning AND volunteering, you must sign up to consign FIRST and use your consignor number/login information to register for a volunteer shift. Do NOT sign up for your volunteer shift/s using a separate login.

  • To view the Available Shifts and select your desired ones, Click HERE.

  • To register as a worker if you are NOT consigning, Click HERE. (You must do this first before you select your shifts).

MANDATORY: Watch our Volunteer Info Video by scrolling below.

PreSale Times:

3 Shift Volunteers – Wednesday, February 27, 7pm
1 Shift Volunteers – Thursday, February 28, 9:30am

  • NEW THIS SALE: Children under 10 are not permitted to shop during the volunteer presales. Teenagers who would like to shop with mom need to work their own individual shifts. Each presale spot is for ONE person. The only exception would be that pregnant women are allowed to bring a helper to help with lifting and such.

Volunteer Rules and Regulations

  • Please show up 10 MINUTES early for your shift so that you will have time to find out what your job will be and get any instructions that you may need.

  • Check in with Mindy or Laura as soon as you arrive.

  • Please be prepared to work your entire shift. You are welcome to bring a snack and drink with you. We will have snacks and water on site as well.

  • Babies and children are NOT permitted to come to your volunteer shift. Please make childcare arrangements. The only exception would be newborn babies, and there are a very limited number of shifts that would be suitable for bringing a newborn. Please contact your sale organizer if you are needing to do this BEFORE you sign up to volunteer. These spots are available on a first come, first serve basis.