Consignor FAQs

Q: Do you accept clothing from all seasons at each sale?

A: No. At our August sale, we accept Fall/Winter/Holiday clothing. At our Feb/March sale, we accept Spring/Summer clothing.

Q: How/When do I get paid?

A: Consignor payments are paid electronically via PayPal Mass Payments Program and are sent out within 2 weeks of the sale ending. You need to have a verified PayPal account to get paid.

Q: How should I price my items?

A: We generally suggest you price items at 40-80% OFF of the original price. Pricing is highly subjective. Things such as condition, style, and brand will play a large role in pricing. Realistically ask yourself what you would pay for a similar item at a sale. Remember that people who shop at consignment sales are looking for a deal.

Q: I'm not sure if you accept the brand of some of my clothing.

A: First check the Brands We Do Not Accept List. If you don't see it there, but are still unsure, bring it with you when you drop off, and we will make a decision when you drop-off. 

Q: Where can I get wire hangers?

A: Generally is easiest and cheapest. Sometimes Wal-Mart and Target carry them as well. Occasionally dry cleaners will give you hangers for free, but not always. Your best bet is to call first. Don't wait until the last minute when everyone is looking for hangers. You'll have a tough time finding them. Some Dollar General stores and Goodwill stores sell wire hangers.  I've heard that often people have the best luck asking friends or posting in their Facebook status that they are looking for hangers. People who dry clean regularly usually have tons of hangers they are happy to get rid of.

Q: Do baby gear and toys have to be brand specific?

A: No.

Q: What exactly has to follow the specific brand criteria?

A: All clothing and shoes along with jackets and coats. However costumes, leotards, and custom appliquéd clothing do not have to be brand specific.

Q: What can I do to help my items sell?

1. Price your items competitively. We often receive several of the exact same item so you won't want yours to be the most expensive.

2. Iron your clothing. Ironed clothing sells much better than clothing with wrinkles.

3. Sell little baby clothing in sets. Match tops with bottoms to help them sell better.

4. Clean, clean, clean. Make those toys and baby gear sparkle.

Q: Why do you charge a consignor’s fee?

A: The consignor fee covers facility rental, table rental, insurance, supplies, marketing and print materials, signage, consignor payment processing, moving truck rental, licenses, software rental, technology expenses, and much, much, more.

Q: How long will drop-off take?

A: In order to offer the highest quality items to our shoppers, we thoroughly check every item brought to us. Please be patient as we do this. You will need to stay until all your items have been checked. Most likely, if arriving on time for your drop-off appointment, you will be on-site for no more than 30 minutes, but we cannot guarantee that.

Q: I have a conflict with the drop-off (or pick-up) times. Can I arrange to drop-off (or pick-up) my items at a a different time/date?

A. No. In order to protect everyone's property, we have to strictly follow the dates and times listed on the website for drop-off and pick-up. This is for your own protection. Please do not ask for an exception as we will be unable to give it to you. However, you are welcome to have a friend or other family member drop-off or pick-up for you.